What Is Herbal Incense

by on September 5, 2011

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K2 Herbal Incense is a brand name of an incense product sweeping the world! It is a blend of herbs and other natural ingredients which, when burned, gives you an incredible sense of well-being and relaxation. This is how herbal incense has become so popular. All of our herbal incense blends contain a variety of herbs to make for the very best smooth smoke every single time. Elevate and heighten all of your senses through the calming and flavorful aromas of our K2 Incense! Also known as Spice, each flavor carries with it a unique compilation of specific herbs and botanicals – bearing their own exceptional scent. Experience refined hints of sage, rose, chocolate, vanilla, bay bean, jasmine, passion flower, clove, raspberry leaf, kava, or strawberry depending on which flavor of blend you select.

When you buy Herbal Incense from us, it will create the peaceful, feel-good atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing meditative sitting. Our herbal incense blends are an assortment of luscious leaves that vary between one aroma and we also use a collection of unique elements to give our herbal blends their truly calm and relaxed effects. In contrast to rumors, Herbal Incense is a blend of botanicals and herbs which are combined along with a range of DEA approved proprietary ingredients. Our blends provide a deeply delightful aroma by utilizing base herbal and botanical ingredients that include: * Canavalia rosea * Nelumbo nucifera * Pedicularis grandifolia * Heimia salicifolia * Clematis vitalba * Leonurus sibiricus and * Ledum palustre.

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Herbal Incense is an extremely popular incense due to its awesomely potent and amazing aromas. K2 incense is made up of an exquisite blend of herbs and spices which creates a heavenly scent at just the right mixtures. While K2 incense contains different ingredients per variety you can expect to find delicate scents of bay bean, jasmine, vanilla, sage and other well grounded accents including:

What is the difference between Herbal Incense and Spice Incense or other Herbal Incense brands?

Genuine Spice Incense and numerous other Herbal Incense merchandise in the industry currently include unlawful chemical compounds such as HU-210. K2 Herbal Incense does not contain virtually any illegal ingredients. In addition to its proprietary components, K2 Incense consists of several incredibly potent and exceptional botanical extracts, that are not found in the Spice or other herbal combinations.